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Let’s talk about improvement . . . makes sense on paper; harder to implement in practice. Here at Logos, our approach to improvement is guided by the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards.

ISO as a framework for improvement

ISO as a framework for improvement

The ISO standards are a formula agreed upon by experts to produce improved outcomes. It could be about making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials. The standards cover a huge range of activities. ISO is based on the belief that improvement is essential for an organisation to maintain current levels of performance, to react to changes in its internal and external conditions and to create new opportunities. We agree with this statement and have experienced these benefits as a result of our focus on improvement. Below is an example of an improvement we have made at Logos.

Improvements to safe working practices

Improvements to safe working practices

We transitioned our process for near miss recording from paper to digital through the creation of Safety Observation cards. Staff can complete and share these on our Logos app. The benefits are that staff are now able to record and share examples of safe practice as well as near misses. The completed safety observation cards collectively become part of a report that we can review to inform how we continually improve the safety of our moves. We have learned that any improvement is a change and needs to be managed to help staff adapt to the new way of working. In response to this we have organised training that explains the process and the benefits of using safety observation cards. We are happy to see that more examples of good practice are now being recorded & shared. However, we want to continually improve, so are seeking feedback from staff on their experience of using the cards and will use this feedback to increase the frequency of completion.

Steps your organisation can take to create improvements

Steps your organisation can take to create improvements

Below are some actions suggested by ISO that you can take to create improvements in your organisation:

Promote establishment of improvement objectives at all levels of the organisation

Educate and train people at all levels on how to apply basic tools and methodologies to achieve improvement objectives

Ensure people are competent to successfully promote and complete improvement projects

Develop and deploy processes to implement improvement projects throughout the organization

Track, review and audit the planning, implementation, completion and results of improvement projects

Integrate improvement considerations into the development of new or modified goods, services and processes

Recognize and acknowledge improvement


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