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We are pleased to announce that we recently invested in a sophisticated lift planning software called ‘Kranexpert’. This is a software which allows us to effectively plan out crane lifts and visualise it from several different points of views that would not have been possible with the traditional pen on paper method. 

With this software, we will be able to plan out your machine moves at a much faster rate, meaning we will be even more effective and efficient for your business than ever before! Even if there’s a sudden change or an unexpected problem that arises during a machine move project, be it in freight, air flotation, export packing and case making, or rigging and lifting, we will be able to make a quick turn around and rectify any problems at a much faster rate than before.

Additionally, this will all be done with no paper! Meaning we are one step closer to becoming your eco-friendly machine moving experts. We are excited to continue doing business with our clients and seeing how our efficiency will flourish with the help of Kranexpert.


Needing your machines moves?

At Logos Logistics, we have 17 years of experience in providing services in stress-free move management solutions including transportation, storing your machinery in our temperature controlled purpose built facility, and more for a wide range of industries, all while having robust insurance. So if anything goes wrong, it's on us.

Our accreditation of ISO9001:2015, ISO45001, IATA, IMDG, & ADR in combination with our 17 years of experience means that you are guaranteed an excellent service from Logos Logistics. 

We also offer the additional service of case making and export packing, storage, worldwide Freight, and Air flotation, all by land, sea and road. 

With our insurance all inclusive, promising that we will pay for any potential damage to your machinery, we will give you the piece of mind that your high value machinery is being taken care of allowing you place more focus, time, and money into other aspects of your business so that you can get ahead of your competitors or get you product or service into the market faster.

Looking for a quote? Give us a phone no matter what stage you are at in your plan. 

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