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Whether you want to move machines yourself or decide to hire professional machine movers, it is important that you know the dimensions of your machines so you know what equipment you need to move those machines and at what price. Getting this information wrong can cause a significant backlog and waste time as a result.

With our 17 years of experience as machine movers, we have had a lot of experience with clients not being careful with the information they give us on their machines and trying to rectify the problem as soon as possible before it causes problems.

In this month’s blog, we have gathered a list of potential problems that could arise and how you can prevent them from happening so we can successfully move your machine first time and use our time effectively.

Quality of Information

Quality of Information

Some clients have very specific requirements for how they want their machines to be moved with several pages of specification detailing the weight and size of the machine and exactly in which process and steps they wish for us to perform the move for them. However, all this information is useless if you provide us the information in very poor quality that makes the spec barely readable.

We have even had instances where the spec is jumbled up and step 4 comes before step 3 which would have been a disaster if one of the Logos team members didn’t notice, saving us from wasted money and time. Therefore, make sure the information you provide us is clear to read and understand, and that the information you provide us is correct.

Measurement Values

Measurement Values

People from all over the world have different metric systems. Europeans use kg, cm, degrees celsius, Americans use lbs, cm, degree Fahrenheit...and so on. There is no problem for us converting the measurements to suit our understanding of your machine dimensions. However, it is still important for you to consider this and ensure you state the measurement values you are using.

A common problem we have is in the UK we measure machines in ‘Length / breadth / height’. Whereas in some countries in mainland Europe, what is actually used is ‘breadth /height/ Length’’. This can cause a lot of confusion and give us a completely different idea of what your machines look like and end up bringing the wrong equipment to perform the job as a result. A good way to prevent this from occurring is clearly specifying the order you are using and even provide some images of your machine so we can cross-check it.

Splitting up the Machine

Splitting up the Machine

If your machine has removable parts or can even be split into half, it is much better for us if you gave the weights and dimensions of each individual part of your machines. This gives us a clearer idea of the best way we can perform the job for you and ensure we bring the proper equipment.


With all of these points, the common theme is the lack of communication. If you rush the measurements and send us the information without checking the accuracy and legibility of it, you will end up losing time and money unnecessarily through things like excess machine hiring. We take the information you give us very seriously and even getting something small wrong like being a couple of KGs out can make a big difference.

Of course, we do try our best to check the information you give us to ensure that it is as accurate as possible and bring the correct equipment. However, if we spot a mistake, this does take some time to rectify. Therefore, it is better if you get it right the first time instead.


Here at Logos Logistics, we have 17 years of experience in providing services in stress-free move management solutions including transportation, storing your machinery in our temperature-controlled purpose-built facility, and more for a wide range of industries, all while having robust insurance. So if anything goes wrong, it's on us.

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COVID-19 Update From Logos Logistics

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