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With Brexit negotiations finally complete, it is now compulsory for businesses to complete commercial Invoices for exporting from the UK to the EU. Firstly, it is important to know that we no longer have a Free Trade Agreement with the EU. Therefore, to be able to still benefit from the zero rate of duty, UK and EU exporters must prove that their goods are of UK or EU origin. Additionally, we can no longer have one commercial invoice for multiple loads, you must provide a commercial invoice for every load that you want to export. Commercial invoices are essential as this is what explains what you are shipping and the reasons that will justify why you are shipping which will convince the custom's officials of the host country to allow your items to be imported as well as helping them to calculate the amount of tax to impose on the shipment if any is required.

We are aware that not everyone will know how to make a suitable commercial invoice. Therefore, we have made a simple guide of the information you should include to ensure successful export operations along with a check-list.


Your customer’s and your own details

Your customer’s and your own details

Ensure you include your business’s address, phone number and email address as well as your customer’s address and shipping address if this is different. Along with this, a unique invoice number and your customer’s reference number should also be included. This is so you can easily distinguish between every shipment as well as making it easier for your customers to contact your company regarding the shipment incase of any damage or accidents.

Details of the transaction

Details of the transaction

Details of any conditions or agreements that you have made with your customers should be included in the commercial invoice. Such information would include the currency that you and your customer have agreed to transact in or any miscellaneous charges the customer is expected to pay, such as insurance. Additionally, information regarding procedures in case of an accident or damaged equipment should also be included. Therefore, information on how the items will be shipped is also important to include i.e. air, sea or land.

Details about the items.

Details about the items.

This is possibly the most important element of a commercial invoice since this plays the main role in assuring the customs officials that your shipment can be allowed to enter the destination country. Therefore, a detailed description of your items should be provided. This includes, the quantity of products, the weights and dimensions, the type of packaging and the price and value of each item. For weights and dimensions, provide the total net weight and total gross weight of each item and it is best practice to do this in kilograms. For example, HS Code 12345678, total number of pieces 12, net weight 3500 kilos, gross weight 4000 kilos, total value £3000.



A T1 form is required when you are wanting to import non-EU goods into the EU or exporting goods from the EU to a non EU country. Currently, due to Brexit, issuing T1s has been a challenge causing many problems and delays. EU hauliers collecting full load export loads on FCA or ex-works terms are finding it very difficult to get a T1 raised. Nevertheless, There are only two documents that will allow HGV drivers to exit the UK, a valid T1 and a pre-lodged import declaration. This declaration can only be used if the driver is arriving at an EU port and delivering in the same country. Currently, the biggest issue people are facing is France. The French customs agent needs to make a "pre-declaration" on DELTA, the French customs system and email the declaration and a separate barcode to the UK exporter to give to the driver. Additionally, if you can get your loading address listed on an agents’ Authorised Consignor authorisation, a T1 can be issued at your site and transit started there. This eliminates the need for the driver to stop at a UK customs office. Finally, If you have high-value goods, it would be a good idea to apply for a Customs Comprehensive Guarantee. Many customs agents will not issue T1s for high value goods. They will if the exporter has a CCG and they can use their CCG and PIN number in the T1 application. You will need to complete a CCG1F form.



For a sample, click here
Additionally, here is a basic check-list of information you will need to include 

·       Shippers & importer address and  EORI number

·       Importers contact details - Email, Phone & Contact name

·       Delivery address (if different from importers)

·       Shipment terms – DAP, DDP etc

·       Invoice number

·       Goods description for each invoice line

·       Number of pieces for each invoice line and totalled

·       Nett weight for each invoice line and totalled

·       Commodity/HS Codes for each invoice line

·       8 digits are required for an export declaration

·       10 are required for the import

·       Invoice currency

·       Value for each invoice line and totalled

·       Country of origin for each invoice line

·       Gross weight

·       Pallet/case breakdown – dimensions (if no packing list provided)

·       Statement of origin for UK or EU goods – in some cases more information will be required to allow a preference to be claimed

Discrepancies between the details on the CI and the shipment can lead to customs clearance delays and expensive bonded airside storage charges.


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