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13th August

If you’re reading this, it means that you either have heavy, awkward or sensitive machinery that needs moved or you have a whole facility that needs moved. It also means you have identified the gravity of the job and that you are better off hiring professionals to do the job for you.

Congratulations on taking this first step of ensuring a safe and effective machine moves solution that will benefit you in several ways.

Idle time can cost as much as £12,000 in a year so making sure you select the right machine moving company for you is incredibly important. We took the time to make you a checklist to tick off when comparing different machine moving companies to help you make a well informed decision.

1. Check their Insurance is all Risk - Covering Goods in Transit

1. Check their Insurance is all Risk - Covering Goods in Transit

One of the first things you should look for on a company’s website, blog, brochure, social media, or any of their content is checking (1) do they have insurance, and (2) what their insurance policy covers. Something as small as damage to an alternator can cost around £600 to replace

Ensure that the company can promise that they have the budget and capabilities to cover the cost of any damage done to your machinery during the move process and that they will deliver on this promise.

2. Ensure you are Provided with Job Specific Risk Assessment and Method Statements

2. Ensure you are Provided with Job Specific Risk Assessment and Method Statements

Anytime we decide to do anything we accept a level of risk. When you put the trust of the handling of your equipment into the hands of others, you need reassurance that they are operating at a level of risk you are comfortable with.

The knowledge that the machine movers you have chosen have a system in place for minimising risks and hazards will give you that extra piece of mind and ensure that the money you are paying is very much worth it.

3. Ensure their Equipment is Certified and Maintained to the Appropriate Standards

3. Ensure their Equipment is Certified and Maintained to the Appropriate Standards

Making sure that the equipment that machine moving companies use has the appropriate certification and maintenance checks is beneficial in the long-run.

Is their equipment certified? Do they maintain the appropriate standards to maintain the equipment they are using?

You should also consider if they offer additional services that are required for you machine moves rather than your chosen company renting those services out to smaller companies and leave the fees with you. For example, case making, packing, rigging & lifting, freight, and storage to name a few.

For export packing, do they provide suitable bespoke cases that will protect your machinery from things like corrosion? For storage, what are the characteristics of their storage facility and how long can you store your machinery in there? Do the machine movers export by air, sea, or road? And if so, are they accredited to do so? Accreditation to look for for air, sea and road are IATA, IMDG, & ADR, respectively.

4. Check that their Service Team is well Experienced and Highly Qualified

4. Check that their Service Team is well Experienced and Highly Qualified

It’s key that you understand the difference between people who can move machinery and people who move personal equipment. You are looking for people who have the experience, expertise, and knowledge of handling large equipment and know how to get it to its destination in one piece, all while having a minimal number of accidents in their record.

It goes without saying that the more experienced the staff are, the higher the chance of your machinery being transported successfully with no problems. Their abundance of skills and experience will also allow them to place more focus and importance in providing a better customer service than their competitors.

If they’ve not already offered them to you, ask to see their Case Studies to give you a better idea of their breadth of experience.

5. Analyse their Accreditations

5. Analyse their Accreditations

Finally, when you analyse your shortlist of machine movers, you should ask yourself if each one is suitably accredited to give you that extra peace of mind of their internal standards.

A great example is the ISO9001:2015 accreditation which is the international standard for quality management systems. When a machine moving company have achieved this standard, it signifies that they have attained the specified standards to allow them to consistently deliver results according to customer and regulatory requirements. ISO9001:2015 is a globally known prestigious sign of high quality standards and excellent customer service so you can be assured that when a company has this, you will be well taken care of.

In addition to this, if you are still struggling with selecting one machine movers company, consider researching the reviews left on websites that do not belong to them. Do not focus too much on the reviews that are over exaggerating how good or bad a company is and focus more on the constructive ones that give useful feedback. Also check if companies acknowledge these reviews and respond to them to either show their appreciation for leaving a review or resolving negative reviews, showing that they care about their post-purchase customer service.


At Logos Logistics, moving sensitive equipment isn't something that we do.

It's all that we do.

Our accreditation of ISO9001:2015, ISO45001, IATA, IMDG, & ADR in combination with our 17 years of experience (and no accidents in 15 years!) means that you are guaranteed an excellent service from us.

We also offer the additional service of case making and export packing, storage, worldwide Freight, and Air flotation, all by land, sea and road.

With our insurance all inclusive, promising that we will pay for any potential damage to your machinery, we will give you the peace of mind that your high value machinery is being taken care of allowing you place more focus, time, and money into other aspects of your business so that you can get ahead of your competitors or get you product/service into the market faster.

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COVID-19 Update From Logos Logistics

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